This is PKBT's devlog for my side project, the MOTHER3Like Engine.

This engine is based on the Mother 3 engine, recreated on the Game Maker Engine using GML.
The main purpose of this project is to recreate the Mother 3 engine from scratch, including every bit of detail from the original engine, plus improvements.
When the project is near completion, hopefully I will be able to begin utilizing this engine for a different project.

I will try to keep an updated archive of screenshots and logs here whenever progress is made.

Project Status: Early Alpha, Build 0047 (04/04/2011)


Added "Exit" option to menu bar
Added equippable items
Added some other cute stuff
Corrected some errors with text formatting

Added the status screen
Added a functional inventory system (can use, give, and drop items)
Implemented a proper party handling system
Corrected the camera port positions
Optmized code in battle system and menu screen

Done tons of work on the status screen formatting

Added temporary invincibility after battle
Added proper damage display formatting
Added basic menu interfaces
Removed placeholder statistics display with actual display
Made some tweaks and code optimization here and there
Upgraded to GM8 Engine (for better or for worse)

Added depth precision to all entities
Added basic player/enemy attacks

Added caterpillar system for multiple party members
Continued working on battle system GUI

Began work on battle system
Yes/No conversation dialog options
Implemented handling systems for flags, events, and character properties
Invincibility after battle

Chatting NPC's and dialog boxes
Added running
Added modular sprite handling system
Began adding GUI elements

Project start date
Implemented basic movement


Last Updated: 04/04/2011
(I suppose it would make sense to mention that none of these screenshots are mockups, but then again...)

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