Under construction! More stuff coming soon.

But, yeah, this page is dedicated to some miscellaneous stuff that I do outside of game dev, I guess. You might find some of them interesting or useful... maybe not.


A simple Python script made for creating backups of files stored in a single directory with timestamps. I use this script personally for backing up game saves in case they get overwritten.

File directory and output file name can be configured in config.json. Example included. Requires Python 3.X.

Use at your own risk.



I also make music sometimes.

Here's a playlist of some of the least terrible tracks that I've made.

Link to my Soundcloud

Sheet Music

You can check out my piano arrangements here.

Digital Art

I do drawings and commissions from time to time.

You can check out my art here.

Ancient History

It's ancient history is what it is, and boy are they historic.

M3Like - A remake of Mother 3's game engine made using Game Maker