This section is under construction!!!

For now, just some stuff that I do outside of game dev.


Scripts and programs that I wrote to make my life easier.

Use at your own risk.


A Python script made for creating backups of files stored in a single directory with timestamps. I use this script personally for backing up game saves in case they get overwritten.

File directory and output file name can be configured in config.json. Example included. Requires Python 3.X.


Piano Sheet Music

I arrange and transcribe video game music into piano sheet music as sort of a hobby (as a pianist), but also out of appreciation for the work that video game composers put into.

Here are some of the sheets that I've made over the course of this year so far (2017).

(Sheets are listed in alphabetical order.)

Night in the Woods

Ancient History
The Arm
Church Hill
Dinner at Bea's
The Historical Society
Home Again
The Long Fall
Longest Night
The Map Room
Mallard's Tomb
Ol' Pickaxe
Poetry Society
Possum Springs
Robot Builder
Underwater Waltz
Video Outpost "Too"
Witch Dagger


Children of the Ruins
Library Stroll
Pretty Nice Day, Huh...


I make music for fun.

They aren't very good to listen to, so here's a playlist of the least worst ones that I could find.