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Q: who are you?

A: I'm pkbt.

Q: what are you?

A: a living being.

Q: how are you?

A: could be doing worse.

Q: what do you do?

A: I'm a programmer and currently doing work for the Momodora series. I also make art sometimes.

Q: favourite colour?

A: I think they're all very nice.

Q: favourite number?

A: ...I think they're all very nice?

Q: favourite pizza topping?

A: pineapple.

Q: favourite indie game?

A: cave story.

Q: favourite git gui?

A: git bash. B)

Q: camel case or snake case?

A: both; upper and lower camel case for class names and functions/vars (respectively), snake case for local vars and consts.

Q: did you use javascript at all for this site?

A: nope! it's all css magic.

Q: crimes?

A: crimes.

Q: how do you type with boxing gloves on?

A: good question but also I'm the wrong person to ask.

Q: how can I reach you?

A: either via twitter or e-mail. you can find both in the links page.


helscome to my web space

it is under construction.


I'm pkbt and I program video games and make drawings sometimes.

not much to see here right now but please feel free to look around and utilize your cursor the nav links above.

have a nice day!

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