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Q: who are you?

A: pkbt.

Q: what are you?

A: something.

Q: how are you?

A: surviving.

Q: what do you do?

A: I'm a programmer and currently doing work for the Momodora series. I also make art sometimes.

Q: favourite colour?

A: I think they're all very nice.

Q: favourite number?

A: ...I think they're all very nice?

Q: favourite pizza topping?

A: pineapple.

Q: favourite indie game?

A: cave story.

Q: favourite deltarune enemy?

A: swatchling.

Q: favourite git gui?

A: git bash.

Q: camel case or snake case?

A: both; upper and lower camel case for class names and functions/vars (respectively), snake case for local vars and consts.

Q: did you use javascript at all for this site?

A: nope! it's all css magic.


...for now.

Q: crimes?

A: crimes.

Q: how do you type with boxing gloves on?

A: good question but you're asking the wrong person buddy.

Q: how can I reach you?

A: via twitter, which you can find in the links section.


just some of the games that I worked on.

- Bombservice -

Momodora (Level Design)
Momodora II (Programming)
Momodora III (Programming)
Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight (Programming)
Minoria (Programming)
Momodora: Moonlit Farewell (Coming Soon) (Programming)

- Squiddershins -

Cat Poke HD (Programming)
Excuse Me! (Programming)
Merrily Perilly (Programming)

- Others -

Toad's Stool Quest (Music)
Furret Walking Simulator
Untitled RPG Project (Coming Soon)


helscome to my web space

it is under construction

(there is always something to work towards, after all)


hi I'm pkbt. I program video games and make drawings sometimes.

please feel free to look around and check the nav links above.

have a nice day!

- pkbt © 2022